From August 27 till October 28, 2013, Spetstyazhavtotrans was delivering overweight equipment — a 1,306-tonne hydrocracking reactor — over the distance of 210 km from the berth at Kubekovo village to the Achinsk Refinery.

The overall distance from the manufacturing plant of Belleli Energy CPE S.r.L. to the site is about 12 thousand kilometers. Reactors were first shipped from Italian port Mantova to Murmansk, then over the Northern Sea Route to Dudinka port, and then by two barges over the river Yenisey to a specially constructed temporary berth in Kubekovo village (near Krasnoyarsk).

The record road shipment was performed by Spetstyazhavtotrans. The reactor was transported by a self-propelled 36-meter Cometto module. Due to its unique design: 24 tandem axles which results in 384 wheels, the highest stability and optimal load distribution were achieved.

On its route the road train crossed 16 rivers, 168 power lines, 3 railway lines (including Transsib), a viaduct and overpassed many ups and downs up to 12%. For this truck to go below a pedestrian bridge over the federal highway ,the bridge was raised using special equipment.

Together with this record cargo we also delivered three other reactors to the construction site of the hydrocracker unit. The total weight of all 4 reactors is 2,600 tonnes.