At the end of April, the leaders of the companies: Linde – equipment manufacturer, Damen – the world’s largest shipbuilder, CombiLift – logistic company, SC “Spetstyazhavotrans” – engineering company, gathered on Shipyards “Damen” in Nederlandes.

They  laid the keel of the first vessel which will be used on construction of Amursky GPZ. A whole fleet for transporting of complex heavy equipment by sea and river routes will be built here.The large-scale infrastructure works are being carried out at the Amursky GPZ site: a railway line, a dock, concrete plants, storage areas for materials and equipment. The works will be completed by the end of the year. The port facilities on the river Zeya is one of the key stages of construction. The technological heavy equipment for GPZ will be delivered by river. The cargo turnover of berthing facilities will be 32 thousand tons, the designed facilities will ensure unloading of equipment weighting up to 1.2 thousand tons. Deepening of the fairway is part of the construction work. After that will be performed a testing by the fairway pilot barge.

The first heavy equipment to the borders of the Russian Federation will be delivered by the German company “CombiLift”.  Delivery by the internal waters of the Russia will be performed by the SC “Spetstyazhavototrans” already in the navigation of 2018.

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