SPETSTYAZHAVTOTRANS supplies equipment and materials to industrial enterprises


Annual monitoring of manufacturing plants

Creating the Register of Manufacturers by analysing manufacturer data collected during surveys and technical audits

  • Questionnaire surveys and technical audits organized in accordance with a dedicated program and using special forms
  • Preparing a Statement with audit results
  • Creating a rating table and a register according to audit results

Equipment quality and production times control

  • Receiving an equipment production schedule and a quality assurance plan from the manufacturer (incoming control of materials and parts, welds and dimensions examination, pressure and hydraulic testing methods and processes, check assembly)
  • Sending the production schedule and the quality assurance plan with an inspection schedule to the customer
  • Organizing inspections according to the quality assurance plan and sending all inspection reports to the customer
  • Receiving manufacturer’s monthly reports on equipment production schedule implementation. Any delays in production or schedule confirmations are reported to the customer
  • One month prior to the expected date of production completion a request about possible equipment delivery by the manufacturer is sent to the customer

Customs clearance support

  • Expert review of contracts to verify their compliance with the requirements of the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Receiving classification decisions of the Russian Federal Customs Service for equipment that is delivered partially disassembled
  • Movement of goods within customs transit
  • Provision of payment for transit operations and customs storage
  • Organizing customs control zones and customs storage areas
  • Client representation at customs bodies
  • Cargo declaration