Specialists of «OKB Spetstyazhproekt» dismantled an 80-meter crane on the territory of Balakovo NPP.

The uniqueness of the operation was that it was impossible to dismantle the structure with cranes: the dimensions combined with the soft slings of the crane would inevitably lead to all kinds of deformations and rotations of the cargo. It was also impossible to simply drop the crane, because any seismic activity in the NPP area would have led to an emergency shutdown of the reactors.

«OKB Spetstyazhproekt» used B-SET to solve the problem.
B-SET was used to shore up the top beam, thereby increasing the stability of the entire structure, so that it could then be dismantled in small pieces. The specialists removed half of the jib and used it as a kind of retaining anchor. With the B-SET supporting the crane in this way, additional stability was provided, so once the supports were secured, it was possible to commence dismantling work: remove the top beam, disconnect it from the supports and lower it to the ground.