Science and Education Innovation Center “ENERGY”

Date founded:


Business area:

Scientific and engineering activity in the field of material-handling machinery and hoisting devices.

Design and survey, research, development and technological works.

Training, advanced training and retraining of specialists, bachelors, masters and postgraduates of related areas and disciplines.

General information:

“Spetstyazhavtotrans” GC pays special attention to the development of innovative and  original technical solutions and their use in projects at industrial facilities.

The company employs engineers, candidates of technical and economical sciences, graduate students and young scientists.

On the basis of Science and Education Innovation Center “ENERGY” (BMSTU) and Department of “Hoisting and transport systems (RK4)” (BMSTU) and ‘OKB “Spetstyazhproekt” was created a practical laboratory for the development and implementation of new design technologies, equipment for heavy overweight cargo transportation and hoisting mechanisms.

The best technological developments are applied in the projects of “Spetstyazhavtotrans” GC.