On November 1, 2016 delivery of the E-04 condenser economizer from VZMEO territory (“The Volgodonsk plant of the metallurgical and energy equipment”) of Volgodonsk on the Astrakhan GPP for LLC Gazneftemash is complete.

The load weight makes 228100 (kg), length of 13939 (mm), diameter of a cylindrical part of 4260 (mm).

The E-04 condenser economizer was transported by means of the specialized Cometto vehicle and has taken 1 month.

For delivery the equipment the optimum multi modal project automobile – river — automobile transportation is chosen.

At a stage of unloading of freight from the barge on the mooring of LLC Gazprom sera the crane system based on 4 self-propelled jacks of SBL 1100 and a compound beam of the B-Set system is used.

Metelitsyn Dmitry Valentinovich directed the project. For him it is the first project in similar quality. We congratulate Dmitry Valentinovich on successfully done work and we wish him new good projects.

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