On October 31 the beginning of transportation of the second case of the reactor necessary for replacement in the first power unit of the Belarusian NPP from Volgodonsk to the Ostrovetsky region of the Grodno region on the building site.

The sizes of “core” of the Belarusian NPP impress: the weight of the case of the reactor of the Belarusian NPP will constitute 337 t, length — 11,3 m, diameter — about 4,8 m.

Process of transportation of this unique equipment – difficult transport and logistic operation which demanded the serious project works connected with a research and upgrade of infrastructure of a route.

For transportation the optimum multi modal project automobile transportation – river-railway-automobile is chosen.

Route: From manufacturer the case of the reactor will be delivered on specialized automotive vehicles to the mooring of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir to Volgodonsk. There the river stage of transportation down the river Don to New Voronezh the NPP will begin.

Because at the end of navigation shoaled, on the main course a large number of braids, depths in places less than 1 meter in case of barge draft with freight the valuable cargo will go to 80 cm accompanied by three tows and the dredge. Especially much shoaled Don is higher than the city of Liski. Length of water haul is 1000 km. Duration of an order is 10 days.

From of the Novovoronezh the case of the reactor will continue the way to Belarus by rail. For its delivery the specialized railway transporter will be used. About 30 days it is required to the special train to pass the few less than 1500 kilometers of a railway way. And to ship atomic “kid” on a transporter engineers of Spetstyazhavtotrans Group will need 5 days.