Railway transportation of the second reactor vessel for the first Belarusian nuclear power plant took 20 days.

Special train consisting of 10 wagons was formed to deliver the reactor vessel. This were wagons “cover”, control frames, car of maintenance and specialized transporter with a unique mounting system. This complex composition, formed in accordance with the stringent requirements of Russian Railways for transportation of outsize heavy cargo. The maximum speed of the composition of 30 km per hour.

Sergei Tropin. The chairman of the SC “Spetstyazhavtotrans”:

“The most difficult part of the loading of the reactor vessel at the railway conveyor – is to make precise positioning with respect to tooling railway conveyor. Doing it in the field in the absence of special cranes had using modular motion system Cometto SBL and lifting tools. This work is painstaking. The cylindrical unit – the case of a nuclear reactor, weight 350 tons, and shifted center of gravity had to be positioned with millimeter precision for further consolidation in the railway conveyor”.