Holding “Himfest” and participating in it became a pleasant tradition for the chemists of the country and, of course, for the “Spetstyazhavtotrans” group of companies.

On Saturday, June 2, “Ekaterininskiy Park” was full of representatives of the chemical industry celebrating a professional holiday.

 Active employees of ‘Spetstyazhavtotrans’ group of companies love this holiday and to participate in it.  Evgeny Devyaterikov and Alexey Midakov represented the company in ‘Chemfest’s’ main event – a 600-meter race.

 ‘The day turned out to be hot, the track was steep,’ says Evgeny, ‘it was hard, but we squeezed out the speed as we could and fought to the last.  I want to note that the contingent of participants has changed greatly since last year.  I feel like the companies trained all year and came for victory.

 Despite the fact that our athletes could not repeat the last year’s success, they were not at all upset.

 ‘We cannot always win,’ smiles Alexei, ‘we had a great weekend, spent the day in the fresh air and in a good company and we just got a charge of good mood.  This is a great holiday for chemists throughout the country – they come here from all corners of Russia, together with families, to have fun and to get to know each other closer – and we come to ‘Ekaterininskiy Park’ second year in a row to rejoice with them!’