830-ton demethanizer, manufactured in South Korea, arrived in Svobodny. The cargo passed 284 km by sea from the port of De-Kastri to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, 2000 km along the Amur River to Blagoveshchensk and 212 km along the Zeya River to a temporary berth near Svobodny.

 The equipment is intended for cryogenic gas separation plants to produce helium and valuable components for petrochemistry.  For the construction of the world’s largest gas processing plant, this is a key event.

Following the demethanizer, a column of Nitrogen Rejection Unit I (862.4 tons, 58.7 m) and a column of Nitrogen Rejection Unit II (413.8 tons, 63.3 m) will be delivered. The last 212 km the barge passed along the Zeya – a narrow river with numerous rushes, to a temporary berth near.  This was the most difficult stage of transportation.

To ensure the barges guaranteed passage through the shallow water areas of Zeya, special dredging work was carried out on the fairway. Due to the peculiarities of the river, the channel can be changed several times for navigation, so the correction of the maps of the ship’s courses is constantly carried out. In addition, daily monitoring of water level and weather forecast is carried out – those are factors that are fundamental at the stage of oversize heavy equipment transportation

For the safe passage of loaded barges in shallow water, pontoons of additional buoyancy were specially made, which stabilize the barges and support the necessary draft.  Safety on steep and narrow bends will be provided by two tugs: the first leads the barge, the second – aligns the tail section.

Before the construction site, the cargo will be delivered by specialized road transport.  The customer of the Amur Gas Processing Plant construction project is OOO “Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk” (part of the “Gazprom” Group).  Construction management is carried out by NIPIGAS (a member of the SIBUR Group).  The Russian engineering company “OKB “Spetstyazhproekt” under the contract with Linde AG, together with the German company Combi Lift, carries out the water part of the transportation project.