“Despite the fact that the Amur Region and Khabarovsk Territory have been in emergency state caused by a flood in the Zeya River basin since the end of July, and also despite the forced stoppage of barge traffic due to the flooding of the berth at the Amur GPP, we managed to catch up with the work schedule of equipment delivery. Today, the first cargo was transferred to the customer.  We met the 25-day delivery time, according to the contract”, said Dmitry Metelitsyn, project manager for equipment delivery for the Amur Gas Processing Plant, Spetstyazhavtorans Group of Companies.

Three more barges are on the way.  Specialists of OKB Spetstyazhproekt and NLK, who deliver the equipment, are doing everything possible so that the construction dates for the country’s largest gas processing plant are not disrupted.