The organizing committee of the “5 stars” contest announces the start of the 2020 competition.

On March 11, 2020, the organizing committee of contest held a meeting with the representatives of enterprises and trade unions.

Irina Tropina, representing the operator of the competition, NGES Engineering, spoke of the dynamics of the development of the competition:

“Colleagues, direct your attention to the analytical materials that we provide based on the results of the competition.  They clearly show the problematic aspects of each participant and how to solve such problems.  Leadership in safety and social responsibility is to share achievements with colleagues from other enterprises,” said Irina Tropina.

Igor Kukushkin, competition coordinator representing the RCU, in his speech drew attention to the change of leaders in the industry.

Summing up the meeting, the Chair of the organizing committee, Viktor Ivanov, noted that an appropriate base of indicators is used when determining the leaders of the industry. V. Ivanov also noted the positive dynamics of the development of the competition and suggested creating an expert group from among the enterprises of the participants of the competition.

Summary of the 2019

  • We received good reviews and increased the interest of companies in long-term participation in the competition;
  • Active support of the competition by the Ministry of Industry and Trade allowed expanding the coverage of potential participants;
  • The competition received international recognition – a special nomination from the European Chemical Industry Council – Responsible Care Awards 2019;
  • The “Health 360” program, implemented in the competition as part of the indicators of the 1st and 2nd stages of the competition, is being reorganized into a separate project of The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


Our plans for the 2020 

  • We will organize an expert group among the experts of the enterprises of the contest participants;
  • We will invite holding companies and enterprises from the CIS countries to participate;
  • We will develop a comparative table of labor productivity at the enterprises of the industry participating in the contest;


We already have prepared a socio-economic passport of the enterprise, checklists and comparative tables for the audit (3 stages) of the competition.