Specialists of “OKB Spetstyazhproekt” transported 4 columns with a total weight of about 1160 tons on the territory of the “RN-Tuapse Refinery”.

“Over the years of storage of the equipment, there was a deformation of the base in the places of support of the columns.  Lifting them safely and moving them to a new storage area proved to be a challenge.

Supports, laid out to prevent further subsidence, were squeezed under the cradle.  To set up a transport vehicle under a sagging load, we installed an additional cradle and freed the clamped beam.  Then we had put the cargo on temporary storage – and only then, we could move in under the cradle for further transportation”, says Evgeniy Ukrainskiy, project manager.

Transportation and lifting of cargoes was carried out using modular transporters “Cometto EVO2” in two separate assemblies with 12 axles each.

At the new storage site, the columns were installed on steel bollards on specially prepared load-distributing bases, which guarantees safe long-term storage of equipment.



Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight  (tons)

Column 103-Т-001

5346,2 700,0 637,5 270,844
Column 103-Т-003 6657,0 769,2 756,0


Column 102-Т-003 5969,3 700,0 640,0


Column 102-Т-002 5079,3 555,1 548,8