The loading of propulsion motors onto the nuclear-powered icebreaker «Yakutia» has been completed at the Baltic Shipyard.

To load two 300-ton pieces of equipment, the specialists of «OKB Spetstyazhproekt» used the MPS-500 modular portal system. The lifting of each motor took about 10 hours.

The complexity of the operation was that the clearance between the dock wall and the huge nuclear icebreaker was minimal: using the MPS-500 portal system, the motor was brought to the dock’s sub-wall tracks in a complex motion in two axes – alternately lifting and moving it sideways. «Spetstyazhproekt» performed similar work last year, when the company specialists replaced the equipment on the «Arktika» icebreaker.

In the nearest future, «Spetstyazhproekt» will load «RITM-200» steam generating units onto «Yakutia».