Loading of sections of the new nuclear-powered icebreaker Chukotka has begun at the manufacturer’s plant in Astrakhan. The operation is quite complicated and will last about 5 days, after which the sections will go to the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg. Loading onto the barge is carried out at the production sites “Lotos” and “Krasnye Barrikadi”. Transportation of icebreaker sections is handled by OKB Spetstyazhproekt.

4 sections with a total weight of 338 tons will be loaded onto a barge with a carrying capacity of 3,000 tons by the end of this week. Lifting works are carried out directly in the workshop of the Lotos production site. The barge is first lifted out of the water into the workshop using a split-system.

The remaining 5 sections (total weight – 259 tons) will be loaded by cranes at the berth of the “Krasnye Barrikadi” production site.