On the eve of Victory Day, the Spetstyazhavtotrans Group of Companies successfully completed the most important stage in the construction of the nuclear icebreaker “Siberia” on the Vasilievsky Island – the mounting of electric propulsion motors. On May 5, the last electric motor was installed on the ship.

The mounting of propulsion motors is a very important and complex process stage.  In fact, this is one of the three main stages in the construction of an atomic icebreaker, which determines the further course of work.

The third propulsion motor was removed from the barge with the help of a floating crane, and then it was transported through the territory of the Baltic Shipyard to the place of installation works.

“The work was carried out with the help of a new Russian technology – a modular portal system”, says Vadim Orlov, director of projects for transportation and installation of the equipment of Spetstyazhavtotrans.

“Unlike cranes, the portal system is more stable and wind resistant. All this allows for an uninterrupted lifting, which is extremely important considering the weather conditions in St. Petersburg. Total lifting capacity of the portal is 500 tons”.

A new modular gauntry rigging system (МРS-500) was created for “Sibir” icebreaker by the specialists of OKB Spetstyazhproekt and Science and Education Innovation Center ‘ENERGY’ (BMSTU) under the lead of Chairman of the Board of Spetstyazhavtotrans Group of Companies, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Mr. Sergei Tropin. Postgraduates of “Handling systems (RK4)” Department of MSTU named after N. E. Bauman also were involved in the process of the system development.

With the help of MPS-500 two steel protection tanks and three propulsion motors (weighing 310 tons each) were lifted onto the “Sibir” icebreaker. The compactness, stability and efficiency of the gauntry enabled performance of this sophisticated technological operation in a brilliant fashion.