On July 22, 2021, the first licensed equipment for the 5th production line of the Amur GPP was delivered to the berth of the plant. This is the largest cargo this year’s navigation – a methane recovery column (demethanizer) and a nitrogen removal column. The weight of the demethanizer is 870 tons, the length is 88 m. The nitrogen removal column with a length of more than 58 meters weighs 883 tons.

In total, in the 2021 season, the volume of deliveries of the equipment to the Amur GPP totals to 37 units of equipment with a total weight of about 5,6 thousand tons.

The project of delivering oversized heavyweight equipment from De-Kastri seaport along the Amur and Zeya rivers for the Amur GPP is being implemented by OOO NLK and OKB Spetstyazhproekt under the contract with Linde AG, in partnership with the Combi-Lift Company.  The time frame of the project extends to the year 2022