Date founded: 2001

Business area:

A complete range of transport and logistics services and freight forwarding.  Search for optimal routes and engineering solutions for transportation of oversized heavy cargo. Design of the arrangement and coordination.  Arrangement of the transport infrastructure of the route of delivery.  Obtaining transportation permits.  Transportation and high-precision installation of oversized heavy equipment.

General information:

Over the past five years, more than 100 units of oversized heavy equipment have been delivered. Fourteen routes of transport infrastructure have been arranged. The company employs engineers – candidates of technical and economic sciences, honored workers of the industry and graduate students.

In 2017 “OKB” Spetstyazhproekt” LLC had become one of the leaders in “1000 tons» rating – the rating of companies operating in the field of overweight heavy cargoes transportation.

“OKB “Spetstyazhproekt” LLC is a member of a self-regulatory organization in the field of architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction and overhaul of capital construction projects.

“OKB “Spetstyazhproekt” LLC had been issued a license by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for the operation of nuclear installations (Nuclear Power Plants (AC Units)) in terms of performing works and providing services to the operating organization.

“OKB” Spetstyazhproekt” LLC has implemented an integrated management system, corresponding to: QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001 and Occupational Safety and Health Act OHSAS 18001.

Description of the main projects with the partners of the company:

Балтийский завод - судостроение
Бел АЭС без фона
Фонд Крылатая память Победы

Equipment we own

Self-propelled modular vehicle COMETTO (Italy), total load-carrying capacity of 4740 tons and total number of axles - 126

6 barges and 6 units of tugs of different class, with a total load-carrying capacity of about 8000 tons

Specialized lifting and transporting system B-SET, load-carrying capacity up to 1600 t

Modular system MPS-500, load-carrying capacity 500 t.

Rigging system SBL, load-carrying capacity up to 1100 t

Staged lifting system, load-carrying capacity 800 t.